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A lot has changed and evolved since 1970 when North Stonington Ambulance Association responded to the first call. The 1963 Cadillac, affectionately known as the Blue Beetle, is long gone and calls for help no longer ring in the living rooms of dedicated volunteer dispatchers.

Today, 9-1-1 calls are answered in a state of the art dispatch center, and our ambulance is staffed at all times by a mix of volunteer and paid EMTs. However, even with all this change and evolution, our mission remains exactly the same: to provide the absolute best pre-hospital emergency care to the residents and visitors of North Stonington.

General Structure

North Stonington Ambulance Association (NSAA) is a non-profit organization as defined under section 501(c)(3) of the federal tax code. Our membership is made up of volunteers who assist in all aspects of the Association: from serving on an ambulance crew to painting the building. Paid employees are not eligible for Association membership.

The Board of Directors is composed of a subset of the volunteer members who are charged with governing the Association. These members are citizens of the community, each bringing a unique perspective to the leadership of the Association. Some Board members have a strong background in finances, while others bring medical and operational knowledge.


NSAA receives funding from three separate sources: patient billing, tax monies from the Town of North Stonington, and donations. The first two sources are combined to cover all operational expenses, while donations are handled separately.

Patient billing revenues account for approximately one-third of the total operating budget. These revenues are collected by billing the patients we transport and are typically covered by the patient's insurance company. Outstanding bills with no attempt at payment are usually sent to collections. The amount we charge for transport is set by the State of Connecticut. This money is spent first, before using Town funding.

Town funding accounts for the remaining two-thirds of the budget and is provided by the tax base of the Town. This also includes capital purchases (ambulances, equipment, etc.) and a few miscellaneous items such as diesel fuel.

Donations to the Association are typically from private citizens and usually total less than $5,000 for a single year. This money is placed into a separate account with specific guidelines for use. It is not directly applied to the operational budget.

Ambulance crew with patient
How can I help?

  • Fill out an application
  • This is the starting point for whichever path to volunteering you choose to take. As a member of North Stonington Ambulance you can attend monthly meetings, vote on major decisions and elect the Board of Directors. These meetings are also a great place to meet everyone and find your place in the Association.

  • Become an EMT
  • How many volunteer jobs can offer the chance to save a life? We know that becoming an EMT is a lot to ask of a volunteer, but the confidence and pride you take away will be well worth it.

  • Share your skills of leadership
  • Whether you have medical training or a strong financial background, our Board of Directors is a great place for you to donate some knowledge.

  • Start out small
  • Waking up at 3 AM for an ambulance call not your thing? No problem. We can always use some help around the building or an extra set of hands at community events. Whether you're a good landscaper or enjoy teaching kids - we have a place for you.

Becoming an EMT

  1. Become a member of North Stonington Ambulance. This will give you a great resource. We’ll help you along the way and even reimburse your costs for training.

  2. Find a local EMT course and register. Usually these classes are held during the evening and on a few weekends. Expect to spend about 120 hours total, including time spent observing at local hospitals and with local ambulance services.

  3. Once you have successfully completed the EMT course, the next step is testing by the State of Connecticut. Don't worry - we’ll help you practice!

  4. OK - so now you have been through the class and passed the State test and you're ready to go. Well, almost ready. The last step is the training from your local ambulance service. This includes classes in patient privacy, OSHA compliance, and regional medical policies. This also includes your time as a "third-rider" on the ambulance (working with an experienced crew) to gain skills and experience.
Hiring Status


0600 - 1800 & 1800 - 0600 / 7 days

  • Posted bi-weekly; based on employee availability
  • Employees must work a minimum of 36 hours per month to remain active  ( ? )

  • 18 years of age by employment start date
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Current State of Connecticut EMT certification
  • 1 year experience as an EMT performing emergency pre-hospital based patient care
  • Valid driver's license

  • 4 years experience as an EMT performing emergency pre-hospital based patient care
  • FEMA ICS-200 certification (ICS for Single Resources & Initial Action)
  • Certification in Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVOC)

  • Automatic overtime for recognized holidays
  • Automatic overtime for large scale stand-by events
  • Anniversary Awards Program  ( ? )

Employment is contingent upon passing a post-offer background check and physical examination by North Stonington Ambulance Association's occupational health physician. This examination will be at the expense of North Stonington Ambulance Association.
North Stonington Ambulance is an Equal Opportunity Employer and supports diversity in the workplace.

We recognize that patient care doesn’t end when the emergency is over. This section is intended to answer most of the common questions regarding your experience as a patient, or with our services. If you’re not able to find what you’re looking for here, please feel free to contact us online or by phone at any time.

A: Yes - you can pay in a few different ways:

  • Personal check or money order to North Stonington Ambulance Billing Services, 269 Main Street, Cromwell, CT 06416
  • Credit card or bank debit online at or by calling our billing office at (800) 258-3902
A: Absolutely. We recognize that budgeting for an emergency ambulance transport isn’t possible. We also want to assure you that regardless of ability to pay, we stand committed to providing you the same level of professional care you have come to expect. Our billing office will work with you to arrange payment plans, postponements, etc. Please contact them as soon as possible at (800) 258-3902, or feel free to contact us directly.
A: Good question; the quick answer is because if we didn't bill for service it would cost the average tax-payer more money.

In Connecticut, the law is specific in that an ambulance service must bill everyone or no one. If we were to choose the second option and stop billing for patient transport, we would need to look to the Town for additional financial support (in other words, taxes would need to increase to support the difference). In this case, the tax-payer would be indirectly paying for ALL patient transports - including those for non-residents. In this way, patient billing allows us to significantly reduce the cost to the taxpayer.
A: Please contact our billing agent, and they will be happy to assist with these requests. They can be reached by phone at (800) 258-3902.

A: These types of requests include non-emergency / scheduled transfers such as those from a hospital to home or a nursing facility, or transfers between hospitals.

While we would love to be able to handle these types of requests, unfortunately North Stonington Ambulance is licensed only for 9-1-1 emergency ambulance transports. However, there are a number of other ambulance providers in the area who specialize in non-emergency ambulance transfers. A few options include:

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